First Class Sprinter

A Mercedes Sprinter 2500 with a luxurious customized interior.

  • Mercedes Sprinter 2500 with a fully customized interior and a 170” wheel base.
  • Perfect for parties of 6 to 8, & seats up to 9 passengers with room to stretch your legs.
  • A polished table for your morning voyages’ charcuterie & bubbles.


With 6 quilted leather captain’s seats, a rear-facing bench with an armrest that folds up into a jumpseat, & a generous center aisle, Leviathan is our largest vehicle. It accommodates up to 7 guests facing forward, & up to 10 total.

Guests can adjust lighting in a range of colors, play films or make presentations on a widescreen television, and play music over bluetooth on Leviathan’s earth shattering speaker system. A rear storage area provides storage for provisions, or several cases of wine. This is the perfect ride for the serious collector.

A well dressed man examining a bottle of wine while sitting in a luxuriant customized sprinter during a bespoke wine tour