About Us

Our Mission

To explore and share the worlds’ greatest epicurean gems.

Our Vision

To elevate and expand the epicurean world, in partnership with those creators who exemplify true oenological, culinary, and experiential greatness.

Wine country is about the alchemy of soil and sunlight into a rhapsodic nectar about which poems have been written since ancient times.

We want you to feel this deeply: that you have been whisked away into another world, one of pure sensation, where anything and everything is possible, and where even the journey itself is a destination.



Meet Mario! A Kansas City transplant, he studied Hospitality at the University of Nebraska. Seemingly destined to thrive in tourism, he had a successful hotel management career in San Francisco before finding his way to Bloom in 2021. In his spare time, Mario loves reading science fiction novels and riding his motorcycle. He speaks English and Castellano.


Meet Dave! Prior to joining Bloom in 2022, he had first a long career in the newspaper industry, and then joined Zillow during its early startup days. Originally from Iowa, Dave met the love of his life in an Arkansas dive. We have her to think for bringing him to California, where we were lucky enough to connect with him. He has become an indispensable part of the driving team.

Executive Team

Benjamin Bloom

Founder, Concierge, Wizard

Benjamin is the founder of Bloom Wine Tours. He has over a decade of experience creating unparalleled luxury voyages, and remains the wizard behind your perfect tour in wine country.

Lesley Sandfort

Concierge & Executive Assistant

Lesley joined Bloom in 2023. She serves in a communications role, coordinating our clients and concierge services.

Tay Arrow Sherman

Media & Business Strategy

Tay joined Bloom in 2020 as the business model began to expand. They assist Ben in providing media presence for the brand: copywriting, managing socials, processing images, and updating the website. They also work with Ben to develop successful business strategies as Bloom grows.