A banner over a glass of rose wine reads "Another Napa First"

In a move that has shaken the wine industry to its very core, critic Nigel Tufnel has rated the first ever 101 point wine – and it’s from our very own Napa, California. 

Hailing from a previously unknown estate, and retailing at $827 per standard sized bottle, critics like Nigel have this to say about the palate-shattering vintage:

“With delicate notes of lofty peach, candied apple skin, and fruity acetone overlaid with notes of under ripe strawberry and sun dried sugar cane, this is an ideal wine for the experienced connoisseur to pair with lightly gelatinized tilapia and Napa cabbage fricassee.”

“The crystalline clarity of the wine can be observed to boast completely unique legs, with a pattern reminiscent of the gothic architecture of Loire Valley’s famous Chartres Cathedral.”

“Ideally served at 42 degrees precisely, this wine will best reveal itself when drunk at dusk on a day where the moon is in Gemini, preferably under light cloud cover.”


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